A little doggy Saturday fun! And a little craft fun

We all get excited for the weekend. My thoughts are like ooh I can write , wait I can do crafts, ooh a movie, and doggy time. Sometimes I go like the energize bunny while everyone sits on the couch and watch lol. I actually did a lot today and it’s only 5 o’clock.

Cinnamon Apple Pie candle

Movie we watched by Stephen King Doctor Sleep was amazing

This man has a great imagination! If you haven’t seen it then you need to head on out and watch it.

Watch the trailer 🙃

Fun time with my dogs
This is Mocha and Lola. Lola is 40
Days pregnant and she is still wide open.

Did some writing last night . I’m writing Emma’s story from the Chaplain Series. I have to make sure everything fits from all three books .

ALASKAN SNOWBOUND is off to the editor. I can’t wait to have it all pretty and fixed up.
If you haven’t seen it I’ll show you a picture of the cover. 🥰
This will be Piper and Carl’s story from Alaskan Love Voyage

Well everyone have a great Saturday and have some fun😘

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