Weekend Reads

Beauty in Flight: Beauty in Flight Serial book 1

Book 1 in a 3-book serial. Her beauty once opened doors, but the felony conviction slams them shut. Harper Cloud used to love the gilded glamour of Las Vegas, but on the far side of prison, she sees the cracks in the veneer. These days, she keeps her head down and focuses on the elderly patients in her care. Even her new wealthy east-coast boyfriend, Derrick, can’t entice her away. She’s trusted men before, and look where that got her. She tries to brush off the feeling that she’s being watched. But when she’s followed home one night and her pursuer gets within a hair’s breadth of grabbing her, she knows it’s time to leave Las Vegas. Maybe Derrick can be trusted. Maybe his job offer—to care for his aging grandfather in Maryland—will be the second chance she needs. But Derrick has secrets of his own, secrets that could take him down–and take Harper with him. Can there be a second chance for someone like her? Buy Beauty in Flight today, Book 1 in a 3-book serial that’ll keep you guessing until the very end. If you like the Beauty in Flight series, you might also like the Hidden Truth series, the first stories that take place in Nutfield, New Hampshire, and the Amanda series.

I read this in one sitting. I didn’t see the book going anywhere. Wasn’t sure why she was in prison. We didn’t even get the back story on what happen with the two guys and her that got them arrested and put in prison. Needs a good Developmental editor to help with the story.

Landon promised me forever. Forever only lasted until his best friend’s wife caught his eye. He left behind the house and the remnants of my shattered heart. David is my white knight. Swooping in to rescue me from my grief. One is my husband. The other? A mystery. A car wreck changes my entire reality. Now, nothing is as I remember it, including the man I vowed to love until death. You think you’ve heard this before? Trust me, you have no idea. From This Day Forward is the first book in the From This Day Forward Duet. Both books are now available! Elizabeth’s story continues in Forsaking All Others.


I got a little confused with the book started with Elizabeth and Landon. Then car accident then there was David who was her husband. I had whip lash. I liked the story but maybe a little more help that she was dreaming at the beginning. It through me for aloop

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