Mystic Falls journey

Who ever is a Vampire Diaries fan , it’s a must to come visit Covington, GA.

We have had a blast with my 15 year old. She loves Vampire diaries . I also put some of my Romance books and children book in Bread and Butter Library.

My Romance books. Dirty secrets series !

Diggers Adventure

Mystic falls

Some fun photos

A awesome ice cream and candy store !Scoops !
Damien and Steven
Bread and Butter Cafe
The famous clock beside Mystic Grill
Had to have some blood to drink

Loved this trip


Digger Book 2 Digger goes Surfing

A bearded dragon goes surging?

Kids love reptiles.

Curious kids love to explore new adventures with pets.

Share the love with your children about Digger’s adventures with her new family- get it Today!

Digger the bearded dragon goes on her very first vacation to the beach. Lucky for Digger there is also a magnificent carnival with heaps of pretty lights and carnival rides.
From swimming in the ocean to riding a Ferris wheel, come along and join in on Digger’s latest adventure.


I finally got DUCKS

So last year coyotes came in at night and killed 6 of our ducks. I was so sad and wanted more but Hubby said No! Well I waited till he went out of town and I went and bought more🤣. Let’s say he was not happy but I was!! He did work hard putting up a safe habitat for them to leave in safely at night. he LOVES me🥰

My Peek Squeaks
It will take a few days they have to stay inside then I will wean them out to the pond. Then at dusk they have to come back in.