A little Mother’s day read

I finished two books this weekend while relaxing outside on my deck.

Fighting Chance (Misty Grove Book 1) by [Paige, Victoria]

Trent Stone has a job to do.
Keep the sheriff department out of trouble until a newly elected sheriff takes over. 
Not a simple task when the county’s smallest town is at the center of its most infamous crime … the murder of its previous sheriff.

When he meets Cassie Reed, staring down the barrel of her shotgun doesn’t make the best of first impressions, but it leaves a lasting one. 
And since his duty is to serve and protect …well.

But strange things start to happen.
Cassie gets hurt in a suspicious incident, people around her are getting murdered, and she’s at the top of the suspect list. Which leaves Trent to wonder …

If the town is hiding a secret.
If Cassie is really innocent.
And if the real problem is not in keeping danger from getting in, but keeping it from getting out.

This was a Fantastic read!

Her Big Fat Foxy Billionaire Best Friend (Clean Billionaire Romance Series Book 2) by [Lieske, Victorine E.]

Miranda Moore is devastated when her fiancé dumps her right before her wedding. Luckily her best friend, Drew Tucker, comes to her rescue, agreeing to go with her on the Star Venture cruise trip she booked. But he’s changed, and strange new feelings towards him are making it hard for Miranda to stay focused. She needs to keep her friendship with Drew. Falling in love would ruin everything!

Drew’s been in love with Miranda since he could remember. But unfortunately, she only thinks of him as a friend. When she gets dumped right before her dream cruise trip, he agrees to go with her to get her mind off her ex. Too bad it kills him to be with her, knowing she could never return his affections.

Her Big Fat Foxy Billionaire Best Friend is a sweet romance and a stand-alone novel.

**Page Turner here. I always thought men was hard headed but Miranda was so blind I wanted to smack her in the back of the head.**

I hope everyone had a great mother’s day.


Why Mother’s Day is a day I no longer look forward too

What Mother’s Day is no longer a day I look forward to.

By Lynn Hammond

I always look forward to Mother’s Day.

What did my kids make me?

Where would they take me

Ooh I got to call my mom and grandmas to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day

Well on May 11 2013 that day forever changed my happiness

Why do you ask?

A daughter who loved her dad unconditionally hugged him for the last time

The last smart remark ever made was said by him that day

The last phone call “Jennifer Lynn what you want?”

The last time I told him I loved him

I still don’t understand what happen that day when you rode off on your motorcycle

Were you hurting?

What made you swerve and hit the ditch?

Its been 7 years and I still ask these questions

Every night I say my prayers I make sure I tell God to tell you I love you and I miss you so much.

Do you know I still don’t put up with no one shit?

You know why?

Even though you are not here I remember you telling me not to take shit from people

To answer your question ‘Yes I still get called a Bitch’ That will never change

But I do love with all my heart and would help anyone

Yes, I still talk to my crazy sisters

We all have our own way handling the pain since you been gone

I hope God really needed you more since he took you away

You A free Bird now, so fly High Daddy

Love you Always Dad

Hot Dam another great book by Jordan Leger! My ARC review

This has all the characters talking in this book. You get to be with all of them to find who the last Bayou killer is. You will also be shocked that someone in the friend clan knew who it was and didn’t come forward to tell them the truth. I was flipping pages reading not carrying what was happening around me. I had to finish this book. Hands up to this author keeping my attention drawn on a book. I usually takes breaks but not with this series. You rocked this series Jordan Leger.


Hump day Reading

So today while giving Plasma I got to finish reading 2 books. Plasma helps saves peoples lives and why not give? Plus you get paid for it too. https://www.donatingplasma.org/

Let’s save a life.

Book 1


Autumn Thorne believed she discovered the perfect love. Yet the moment she revealed she was a witch, her relationship went to hell in a handbasket. Nearly a decade later, in an ironic twist of fate, the man who shunned her shows up on her doorstep and asks for her help to develop his own latent powers.

For the better part of nine years, Keaton Carlyle has tried to forget the one woman whose very touch made him burn with uncontrollable desire. Now, left with no choice, he must seek her out to master the magic building within. But the more time Keaton spends with Autumn, the more he realizes his old feelings for her have never truly been extinguished and the flames blaze hotter than ever.

When Autumn sets off on a mission to uncover an ancient artifact crucial to saving her mother, Keaton is hot on her heels, determined to make up for the wrongs of the past and rescue Autumn from the clutches of the madman holding her hostage. Faced with life or death, they must learn to work together. But can Autumn ever again trust the man who so cruelly betrayed her?less


Sheriff Logan Wright might be the sexiest bad boy Ava Hayworth has ever seen but she’s not interested in the least. He can have every other woman in town and probably already has. All she wants is to help him solve the murder of a prominent local citizen by a mysterious vigilante serial killer. A fling with a smokin’ hot cowboy cop isn’t in her plans.

Logan doesn’t need a mystery writer, who thinks she’s a detective, trailing after him while he tries to do his job. She’s smart and cute, but he doesn’t want her to get hurt. By him or the investigation. He enjoys the pleasures of women – many women – and that’s not going to change.

But as painful secrets are revealed, Logan begins to depend on Ava for more than just friendship. She’s the first woman he’s known who has kept her promises. It shakes him to his very core, challenging long held beliefs.

Everything Logan wants, but never thought he could have, is within his grasp. With the help of Ava and his friends, he’s going to have to fight the past if he wants any kind of a future.

Publisher’s warning: This book contains sexy scenes including a Harley riding, bad boy sheriff who knows how to dent the wall with the headboard and make his woman very, very happy.