Digger’s Adventures is in review

Digger, the bearded dragon, leaves the Pet Store on an adventure to a new home. She meets her new family and gets to wear cool clothes. Digger is the cutest and the luckiest little bearded dragon you’ll ever read about. You can read all about her in this first book of the book series.

Mrs. H lives in Rock Hill, South Carolina where she works as an LPN and writer. Motivated to share her love of creating children’s book after her father’s death, she’s created books about her bearded dragon, Digger. Mrs. H also enjoys making children’s tutus, homemade soaps and playing with her pets.“Life is too short to not do the things you love.” -Mrs. H


Theirs to Hold is done and ready for pre-order


Clarissa Ellis
A rich girl, born to money. After family dramas, she’s virtually disowned and left homeless with a one-year-old child to raise on her own. She finds out her mother gave birth to a little girl eight years ago and gave her up for adoption. Her mission is to find her sister. Danger lurks for Clarissa until she meets Clutch, a handsome and cocky ex-serviceman with a know-it-all attitude.
Clutch Browning
A retired sniper, who battles through his own very raw demons. Now he is summoned to assist a woman he absolutely despises. He fights hard to keep himself detached, but the more time he spends with Clarissa, the more she reminds him of his dead fiancée. When danger seems to find her, it leaves him to do what he does best: to kill and protect.
Will Clarissa be able to move on from the past, or will she choose to go down the dark road? Can Clutch save her from destruction, or will he simply walk away?



Busy Weekend

Doing crafts, working with Editor on my book about to come out.

Working on home made Christmas cards.

Everyone ask where do you find the time between work and cooking . I say “I don’t sit down on couch and watch tv . I make sure dinner is cooking then I’ll go walk for 30 mins. Come back eat then start on crafts.” Now don’t get me wrong I will take a few mins to sit down and watch some of a movie but then I have to get back up and do something. I like to stay busy . If I could do things while I sleep I would 🤣

Is everyone decorating now for Christmas 🎄

Getting excited about my children’s book. Still waiting on the Illustrator but here is a few photos she sent me

Digger’s adventures