Evanescent by M.J. Marstens

At this crash-course school, students learn how to be human and prepare for their purpose within the earthly realm. . .

Unless you’re a sh*t-stirring succubus with a personal agenda.
Then the academy becomes your playground.
So drop on in. The first trimester is now in session.


“Humans do not stare at other human’s buttocks,” he reprimands.

His overly correct speech and uptight demeanor make me want to ruffle his feathers further. He opens the door and steps back to allow me through. Another humanism, being a gentleman, but I am far from being a lady. I lightly trail my fingers over the zipper of his slacks as I enter the room.
His breath sucks in and I feel the angry heat of his glare.
And his lust.
I can always feel someone’s lust.
Especially when it’s coupled with forbidden undertones and nothing is more forbidden then someone like myself.
I am the taboo.
My Review:
The reason for 4 stars is because I’m new to the paranormal worlds. I liked the comedy of the characters . Lilith is a hoot and is sex craved transforming to human life. She meets some guys but one that she thinks more of vanishes for a while but when he returns he finds out something big happen to Lilith and he needs answers . A great read

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