New Danettemay 30 day bootychallenge


The NEW 30 Day Booty & Thigh Challenge Is HERE! Help Reduce Cellulite Right Before Your Eyes While You Create A Strong, Sexy Booty And Thighs… at the same time! You may not believe this, but a woman with cellulite on her body used to be considered… sexy! In the early 1900’s having cellulite was proof that you led “the good life”… that you ate rich foods, were chauffeured around, and servants did the physical work around the house. But if you’re like every woman I know – whether you’re 25 or 85 – WOMEN don’t like cellulite today! I’m with you girlfriend – and I also think it’s super unfair that men don’t get cellulite. (I’ll tell you why in a moment)… Before I do, I want you to know that you do not have to live with cellulite! There are 3 ways to literally help reduce cellulite out of fat cells… which happens to be the quickest, easiest way to develop a stronger, curvier butt and slimmer thighs. It doesn’t matter how much you weigh… or how much cellulite you see right now… Seriously, you CAN have a beautiful body that you truly love and are proud of! I’m Danette May… For decades I’ve been working with women who are in their 20’s all the way up to 90 years old. My #1 goal is not just to help women see results, but feel results. It wasn’t too long ago when I was 40, and by then I had three kids, that I was hiking with my girlfriends, who were all younger than me. They were hiking behind me, and I was wearing “short shorts.” And they asked me… “We just want to know… why is the back side of your legs so smooth, and we all have these pockets and cellulite? You’re older than us, but you’re able to keep your booty and thighs looking so firm and young. We want to know…” How Do You Get Your Butt And Legs So Shapely… Without All The Cellulite? Well first of all, no matter what you hear, or what new butt-shaping gadget is being sold on an infomercial, a smooth backside has a lot to do with the foods you eat… how much water you drink, and the level of toxins and inflammation in your body. It’s also true that your sexiest, curviest butt and naturally slim thighs can only be achieved by fully activating ALL THREE booty muscles… I’ll show you which muscles these are, and how to use your BRAIN to enhance every booty-shaping movement you make in a minute… Plus, to make sure you feel confident and ready to show off your new curves, I have an amazing “Cellulite Scrub” I’ve developed, and it’s my gift to you. The main ingredient in this scrub is scientifically tested to reduce cellulite by 17%.1 It gives you a smooth, healthy look not just on your legs and butt, but your entire body.2 I’m here to help you get the best booty and thighs you possibly can… But more importantly, I want “The Whole You” to feel better – physically, emotionally, and mentally – because it’s the only way to have a body and life that you’re truly happy with. I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of women just like you discover how easy and enjoyable it is to love yourself lean in my popular 30 Day Challenge programs. Now I’ve designed a very special Challenge focused on some of our biggest “issues.” However, I’m only offering it one time this year…

I just joined ready to be the next top Model

So here is a little sample of some booty and thigh exercises.


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