A little night cap story

On a stormy day my car breaks down on I-77. The beam of everyone’s lights blind me. I need to get into the grass and walk till I find the nearest exit. I grab my briefcase , shutting the door and head straight in the pouring rain.  The cold watery droplets hits my body. The wind is blowing very hard making my new identity fly away in the wind. Finally I make it to exit 79. Cars are zooming by with no care in the world that someone walks alone in this mess. In a distance I see a tent behind the guard rail. A little flicker of light dances inside. I stride over to the right jumping over the rail falling face first in a flooded ditch. Just great… I push myself up back on my feet and walk over to the covered tent. The zipper is down just a little I take a peek in. A woman sways with her back to me humming ‘Love can build a bridge‘ My mother would sing that song when it would come on the radio. I loved to hear her sing. Clearing my throat, she turns fast.

Hello there do you need to take shelter. I have some left over peanut butter cookies if your hungry.”

This woman doesn’t know who I am but she offering her tent and food to help me. ” Miss I’m sorry to disturb you. My car broke down and I was minding my own business when I saw your lighted tent. I thought I would just come by and make sure who ever was in this tent was okay.”

“Oh sir I’m just fine. My car broke down too I found this tent along the way and took shelter. Someone left this battered candle burning and a little note that said Love can Conquer all.

You know This world is so crazy now. We can’t even walk along the road without worrying if someone is going to kill us. I think we all need to join together and help one another again.


I hope you enjoyed my little made up story

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