Inconceivable by Jordan Leger




He didn’t want me the way I needed him to. So, I did the next best thing. I moved away. Moved on with my life. I made

new friends and thought all was golden. I was wrong. There was a sense someone near. Someone too damn close.


I should have told her to stay. Not to move to New Orleans. But like an idiot, I didn’t. I let Penny go. Now she’s in danger and I have a choice to make.

If you’ve made it this far in the saga, then you know exactly what this whole saga is about. If not, let me fill you in a bit if you’ve stumbled upon Inconceivable.

There once was three young girls of a small southern town of Kinley Louisiana, living their lives, crushing on boys, getting their hearts broken, like normal teen girls do. Until bodies started to show up dumped in the Bayou.

If you’ve miss the ride from the get go with Piper and Emeric, go grab your ebook copy now of book one. Please keep in mind, these books have explicit adult content (With the exception of book one. Crushed is mild) some violence, language and dark aspects.

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A Heart of Three

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A Heart of Three

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I was born conjoined to my sister, Rose. The doctors told our parents that we would never survive. Our bodies were joined from our shoulder to our hip. We only had one kidney, one breast, one arm, and one leg each. The thing that really wigged out the doctors was we had only one vagina but two uteruses.

Well, since my sister, Luna, thinks our lives will turn around, she has signed us up for a dating TV show. The thing is a three-day getaway to find our perfect mate. She thinks if we do this, our lives will be complete, but I, on the other hand, I think it’s a load of crap. What man would want a freak like us?
We have four men to choose from and lots of activities. Will we find a mate or end up alone forever together?