Theirs to Hold is done and ready for pre-order


Clarissa Ellis
A rich girl, born to money. After family dramas, she’s virtually disowned and left homeless with a one-year-old child to raise on her own. She finds out her mother gave birth to a little girl eight years ago and gave her up for adoption. Her mission is to find her sister. Danger lurks for Clarissa until she meets Clutch, a handsome and cocky ex-serviceman with a know-it-all attitude.
Clutch Browning
A retired sniper, who battles through his own very raw demons. Now he is summoned to assist a woman he absolutely despises. He fights hard to keep himself detached, but the more time he spends with Clarissa, the more she reminds him of his dead fiancée. When danger seems to find her, it leaves him to do what he does best: to kill and protect.
Will Clarissa be able to move on from the past, or will she choose to go down the dark road? Can Clutch save her from destruction, or will he simply walk away?



Busy Weekend

Doing crafts, working with Editor on my book about to come out.

Working on home made Christmas cards.

Everyone ask where do you find the time between work and cooking . I say “I don’t sit down on couch and watch tv . I make sure dinner is cooking then I’ll go walk for 30 mins. Come back eat then start on crafts.” Now don’t get me wrong I will take a few mins to sit down and watch some of a movie but then I have to get back up and do something. I like to stay busy . If I could do things while I sleep I would 🤣

Is everyone decorating now for Christmas 🎄

Getting excited about my children’s book. Still waiting on the Illustrator but here is a few photos she sent me

Digger’s adventures

Happy November 🦃

So a lot going on this month. Hubby been going to Ohio lately for the Trophy hunt. 🦌

I have finally took the plunge and started writing my children’s book 📖 🥰. For about 2 years now my grand-babies been begging for me to release Digger ( my bearded dragon) book.

My father died in 2013 in a tragic accident and I lost my memory. I had to take cognitive classes to get my memory back. So my hobby was to start reading again. Then I started to write . Well then came along Digger. She saved me. She actually was my beat friend.

One of my drawings I did. Don’t worry I hired a illustrator for this.

So next going on is I sent my book off to my editor . Dirty secrets Book 3

And I have a November drawing for the other two books so those who haven’t read them can get up to date with my characters wrote 💥Theirs to Hold💥comes out

I also been trying to catch up on some books I have out to the side to read . This author writes about it her journey through Mount Everest and her struggles. She also writes about when she was a teenager and shows us inside her soul from her journal. I wish I would have kept my journal.


A eye open to hiking a mountain and your not even thereA trip of a life time. This author takes you on her epic journey. She witness beauty but also pain. The altitude of the mountains can be hard on some people and this author lets you experience it with her. The book also shows the beauty of her trip given you insight of the glorious views of the hike. Great read.


Eye opener for adolescentsThis book pulled at my heartstrings . A parent of a 14 year old I can relate to this little girls journal. Arthur age so many things happen in their life. They have to figure out who to hang out with , boyfriends, pressure with drugs and sex. I think every child should have a journal. It helps with depression , anxiety, and recapture their memories when the get older. I will let my daughter read this. This author as a genius of publish this.

A mixture of good short stories
A different story than what I have read but I enjoyed it. Read this in one sitting. The short story consumes you making you want more. My favorite was the blind and burned characters. That could have turned into a novella just in its own.https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01N3ZQZ7Y/ref=dbs_a_w_dp_b01n3zqz7y#aw-udpv3-customer-reviews_feature_div

I told y’all this month has been happening and it’s only on day 3.

Next is my drawing for November . Go to my Facebook page and share and comment to win. https://www.instagram.com/linkshim/?u=http%3A%2F%2Ffacebook.com%2Flynn.hammond.10888&e=AT2YnlCz-JU9Ey_7Zku9_isXVilFW_qOQCWjpIuhEkdN-HJUOP0JyYfy5Uh3xucIx4zAK1nPvdlHNVxfz-jo9OguAZMONA5XBHw1

Have a great Tuesday 💋