My first born

I was 15 when I started making a list of what my children’s names was going to be. People thought I was crazy. I had a agenda.

1. Girls name and Boys names 2. Have large birthday cakes 3. Always love them unconditionally 4. Truth 5. Always have fun 6. I’m your mother but also your best fiend 7. Who ever your children bring home deserves your pure love

My first born got married . We have a Great relationship. I always wanted her to know I loved her and I was always there for her. I wanted her to know she could tell me anything even if I get upset. This is what mothers do. We love and protect our children . She got married this weekend to a great man. She deserve a fairy tale



🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Lindsay McDaniel A little, rich, spoiled daddy’s girl, Lindsay finds out the hard way that money can’t buy everything especially not love. Sadly, when her dad files for bankruptcy, Lindsay and her mother finds themselves homeless. They are not looking forward to work in exchange for living in a motel. Working was never part of their agenda… until Lindsay meets Grover, her new boss, who’s also friends with her ex who shattered her heart.Grover SpikesA man with his own agenda, Grover works undercover for the FBI, doing what he loves: chasing the bad guys. One day out of the blue, he gets a call from his friend Cole to help his ex out. Grover offers her shelter, but Lindsay must earn her keep. Grover only wants sex, no attachment until he lets his guard down for one girl who makes him want more than just friendship