Behind Her Eyes is now on Amazon KU

Finding the CURE became my greatest CURSE.
Stephanie must stay hidden at any cost. Humanity depends upon it. It’s up to a trusted team of men to keep it that way.
Stephanie carries a great secret, so much so she doesn’t even know about it herself. But now, that the secret has been leaked, she is now running for her life from the worlds most powerful, and influential people who either want her dead or alive.
With her brother and a trained bodyguard who has saved her multiple times, plus a team of others. She must try and stay one step ahead of her enemies.
For the first time in her life, she discovers love on a hidden island. Tad is a smoldering, broody handsome man, driven, and courageous.
But as time passes with Tad, she realizes she wants much more than just friendship, and that scares her more than her enemy.
Can they outrun the enemy?
Can they ever survive this?
Or will there be a day she will have to choose, either to surrender or be on the run forever. What would you choose?


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