What a Busy weekend 🔥

I was suppose to try to finish my first Novel this weekend but crafts took over . Sometimes you just stop what u doing and do what you love.

Plus my boxer dog is due any day now . Here is a load of pictures I took over the weekend.

Fig washing
Strawberry Fig Wine in the making 🍓
My wine label when it’s done
Working a way 💕
My Muscadine Wine label 🍇
My presentation
Home made Strawberry Fig pop tarts

And Dinner

Cornbread and Zuppa Tuscans Sausage and Potato soup. https://pin.it/FYGZct1

Nixie watching out the window



Chapter 26


We all sit in silence in the cave all together huddled in a corner shaking, waiting patiently for the guys to signal we can come out. Two small torches on both sides of the cave glow in the dark and you can see our shadows against the rock wall.

          “Mom, what is going on?” Lilly whispers.

          MK hauls her onto her lap hugging her tightly and then placing her chin on her shoulder. “The bad guys found us, honey. But don’t you worry your little head. We are safe here.” She says trying to reassure her with a trembling voice.

          I reach overlaying my hand over her little one. “ This place is very special. Seth and Tad made sure no one would ever find us if by chance someone got on the island after us. We just need to stay here quietly  for now.”

          She nods and frowns. “ Sure. Can I go play?” She asks pointing at the sandbox that Tad made for her.

 I made sure he had that in here for the kids could stay occupied. “ You sure can if it’s okay with your mom?”

MK okay her to go only if she takes her brother.

Since the kids were gone, I scooted over a little  closer to her and Braelyn and they did the same.  We need to come up with a plan if by chance we are found, and they try to take us.

“ I think I should take the passageway from the sinkhole back behind us that will lead me to the waterfall.”

          The only problem is that we have noticed the apes have been showing up a lot more lately where we take our baths. I told Tad they’re just being curious about us. None of them have acted aggressively toward us or tried to attack us yet. The guys said we were not allowed back unless we’re supervised.

          “You can’t do that, Stephanie. It’s not safe. Let’s just wait for now. See what happens.” Braelynn says frowning.

          “Okay. For now.” I sit and wait.  “Alright, let’s go build some sandcastles with the kids,” I say.

          I’ve  got to stay busy or I will go nuts with boredom and end up sneaking out.

          Before long, we had made a beautiful mermaid with her tail layered with seashells. Lilly had done most of the work herself but I helped fix some of the details. We have been in here for  what seemed like hours and hours. The kids are starting to get hungry and whinny.

          “ Let me go check the trunk to see if there is anything in there to eat,”  I say.

          I look through the chest of things. Tad packed blankets, pillows, flashlights, and everything you can think of but there isn’t any food or drinks. There is no way he planned our hideout and not give us food.

          I head behind the rock wall where other supplies are boxed up. I start opening boxes and pulling out items. When I get to the brown satchel, I reach in pulling out the bananas and this fruit that taste like peanut butter. It looks like a small cherry but when you put it in your mouth it’s got this nutty flavor. We all were skeptical about eating it, but MK was the troop to try it first. She never got sick or died so we have been eating them since.

          “Look what I found.” I place the goodies down and divided the food between plates.

          I lost track of time. After our meals, we laid down to get some rest. I can’t tell how long we have been in here since I don’t have a watch.  The room is quiet. I look around and everyone is still sleeping.

          I groan as I get to my feet. My body ached from lying on the hard floor, and I stretch to  work  the kinks out. Suddenly I hear a noise.

          Then I hear faint thumping noises outside. Someone must be close. I get to the door putting my ear against it. The door is paper thin and made of mud and rocks. I look out the little  spy hole used to see if anyone is coming. Nothing but forest and  it looks as if the sun is going down.

          Bam! I jump back. What in the world was that? Something hit our cave.

          After several minutes two apes come into view, and they are walking toward me. Shit…this is not good.

          My first thought was to grab a flare gun and shoot at them, but that would mean I would have to open the door and risk them charging in on us. I need to make sure to keep these kids safe. I hurried over to Braelynn and tapping on her arm.

          “Psst,” I whisper. She doesn’t respond and slaps her hard on the arm.

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