Happy New Year 2022

I hope everyone’s year is amazing. The last two years have been brutal .

January 5th will mark one year since I lost her. I missed her calls , “Jennifer this is mamaw!”

Christmas 2021 blessed

Silly photo
Lucas family
When your daughter has had to much to drink and we decorate her😂
Digger book two is out. She loved surfing the waves .

A bearded dragon goes surfing?

Kids love reptiles.

Curious kids love to explore new adventures with pets.

Share the love with your children about Digger’s adventures with her new family- get it Today!

Digger the bearded dragon goes on her very first vacation to the beach. Lucky for Digger there is also a magnificent carnival with heaps of pretty lights and carnival rides.
From swimming in the ocean to riding a Ferris wheel, come along and join in on Digger’s latest adventure.


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