Cooking with 🔥Author Lynn Hammond🔥

Been waiting on my Editor to send back Flawless Rebellion. So in the mean time I been cooking, working, cleaning, and doing crafts. I like to stay busy if you know what I mean. 🙊

👅So sexy Sunday I decided to cook up some meals my mom use to make me that was my favorite. 💋

🌺Chicken Casserole🌺

Chicken casserole
Egg noodles
2 cans cream of chicken soup
8ounce sour cream
2 slices of loaf bread crumble
Salt and pepper
Cook chicken and cut it up
Cook noodles and drain
Mix soup and sour cream in large bowl add salt and pepper
Put chicken and cooked noodles in mix use loaf bread mix
Grease or spray 9x13pan pour all in pan
Melt a stick of butter over cook on 350 for 30to 45 minutes

I had 2 helpings . That’s okay I went for a walk and done dome exercises for this.

My daughter also made my favorite cake cookies. U actually can throw what ever u like in these .

🍪Cake Cookies🍪

Makes my heart sing
I like to eat eat eat Cake cookies and Chicken Casserole
Because it makes me happy
Oh and some 🍷Red Velvet Wine🍷
Don’t it just look Delicious 😋

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