❄️Alaskan Snowbound ❄️

Who is ready for a little fun, surprise, heated sex, and suspense. Well it’s about to be 💥LIVE💥

It’s been two years since Piper Sellers last visited Alaska, and she’s only back because her friend Keegan begged her to come see her. The thing no one knows is that Piper has been avoiding Alaska because of a huge secret that could destroy everyone’s holiday. Now it’s time to face the consequences of her actions and hope this Christmas will bring forgiveness and new beginnings.
Carl Collins stands ready to jump in the icy waters of Alaska for the Polar Bear Plunge. This happens every year, a tradition to help raise money for the wildlife. This year is different. He sees her standing on the wooden deck with fear in her eyes. The girl he pushed away: Piper. Christmas is perfect now that she’s back. But when he finds out the secret she’s hiding, will he be able to forgive her?
These two wanted to be together so badly. Can they find their way back to one another?

Looking for a few ARC readers. ⭐️Any takers ⭐️

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