Danette’s new you 30 day challenge

“This is the best personal journey you’ll ever experience…” Love Yourself Lean In 30 Days Following This Simple Healing Lifestyle… I’ll show you how to LOOK and FEEL sexy and build your inner confidence… without hunger, counting calories, or long workouts! Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder what life would be like if you were truly happy in your own skin? You’re not alone… What if you loved and cared about yourself, the way other people who love you do? And you saw yourself as a beautiful person, inside and out? This is for the woman who wants to lose 10 pounds, AND for the woman who wants to lose 100 pounds… It’s not only about reaching your health goals, it’s about releasing emotional weight.1* And here’s the thing… Science shows that when you release emotional “weight”… your entire body shifts… and excess weight can then release as well, easily and naturally.2 3 If you’ve been focusing mostly on the physical part of weight loss, like diet and exercise, and not looking at thoughts and emotions you might need to let go, it could be why it’s been hard to see noticeable change that lasts.4 Most people focus almost entirely on the physical part of themselves, but there’s an emotional part that science is now seeing as the KEY to lifelong weight management and feeling good. But most dieters overlook this part, and it can quickly sabotage even the best efforts.5 Now we know that your mind can be the biggest roadblock to feeling better, and especially losing weight. If you have negative thoughts, emotions, or a negative body image, it can become like a brick wall that separates you from your health goals.6 7 But here’s the thing…. When you take a loving, healing approach, those weight issue walls come down. So I’ve made it my mission to guide women through the steps to achieve this in a program called the 30 Day Challenge. The next challenge starts on Monday, September 30th. Join thousands of other women and transform your health! 10 days 16 hours 48 minutes 5 seconds For the hundreds of thousands of women who have already gone through this life-changing journey, we’ve proven that when you commit to a lifestyle of healing foods, healing movements, and healing meditations, it’s the fastest, easiest way to…. Love Yourself Lean Hi, I’m Danette May… I understand life’s emotional and psychological baggage… and how much weight it can add to your physical life. Before I was the smiling person you now see to the left, I too was far from perfect. I was skating through life acting like I was fine, but I really wasn’t. I was as down as you get, beaten up, and struggling through my worst days, so I know what it’s like to need help… especially in breaking free from feeling unbalanced and unhappy. Before I was 30 years old, I had already lost a son during childbirth, suffered through a very hard divorce, was forced to live on $47.63 to my name, and was a scared single mom sleeping on the floor so my two girls could share the one bed in our tiny apartment. After months of severe depression and feeling so lost and confused, I made the decision to fight back. I had to… I was dying inside. I used my inner resistance as fuel to pull myself out of the “muck” I was in, and regain control over my life. And that’s when I discovered the mindset to living a truly successful life and also how… Your MIND Is The Key To Lasting Change… As I kept taking steps to overcome all my difficult situations, I discovered how much the mind plays a role in health and wellness, and especially in the ability to step into radical self-love, which is when the biggest life changes happens. Luckily this tragic period of my life led me to discover a unique body, mind, and emotion healingphilosophy of transforming your body not through punishment, but through healing foods, healing movement, and a healing mindset. I decided to use my degree in pre-med and nutrition, and my 15+ years as a certified fitness professional, Pilates instructor, and National Academy Sports Medicine (NASM) nutritionist. This training, along with real live women I transformed, enabled me to develop unique life-transforming programs based on the most comprehensive evidence in food science, human movement science, functional anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. Today my detox, mindset, and fitness programs that have influenced the minds and bodies of hundreds of thousands of women all over the world. As a personal trainer, the #1 struggle my clients had was dealing with cravings – and the emotions behind those triggers. They would eat healthy all day, or even all week, but then feel the need to splurge on their favorite junk food or dessert, or gobble up a ton of carbs. In my small, shabby apartment, I sat down to develop easy-to-live-by, sustainable programs for the person who had many of the same fear-based, mindset struggles that I did, and the same emotional eating issues my personal training clients had. What I’ve found over many decades of helping women just like you is that it only takes about one month of switching to this healing approach to life, to see real, lasting transformation. I wanted to do more than just help women look and feel better in their bodies. That’s why my mission is to heal “The Whole You” – Mind, Body, and Emotions. Today, I’ve proven with hundreds of thousands of women just like you, that we can do this – without depriving yourself – in just 30 days… This is very different than what you might have heard so far.You may have noticed, as I have, that there are hundreds of thousands of programs out there that promise if you’ll just eat this and not that, you’ll have the body and life of your dreams. This will usually not work, especially if someone is telling you that you can solve your body challenges with food alone. These programs will always fail you because… It’s the negative thoughts and emotions that can get in the way of your your goals8 * For anyone who has tried to lose weight and feel better, I have no doubt they worked hard and really tried, probably multiple times over many years. The problem is, you could be eating healthy foods and working out, but if your mindset is still programmed to think that you, the person inside, is not okay just the way you are … your body will lose some weight, but eventually gain it all back, and sometimes even more.9 * It’s what’s behind yo-yo dieting and how one minute you can be fired up to be mindful of your eating and body goals, but in the next instant, your mood, and that little voice inside, and even your entire state of consciousness… can change. And that change in thinking jumps right in the driver’s seat of your eating decisions at that time. Well, guess what? This “failure” was not your fault. It was simply that the right eating and thinking tools weren’t given to you. How your beliefs can shape your waistline It’s not just the food you put into your mouth that affects your waistline… Science now shows that it’s really hard to see the physical body you want, and to feel good in your own skin when your subconscious mind thinks you’re not good enough.10 This subconscious part of your brain is where all of your beliefs are held, including the belief of who you are and what your body means to you. Believe me, it’s not that you haven’t tried, or worked hard or persisted in reaching your body goals… It’s just that when the subconscious mind is STUCK in a mindset that doesn’t believe you are beautiful just the way you are, it’s harder to lose weight, and most people will gain even more weight over time.11 But when you release thoughts and feelings that tell you you’re overweight, then you’re more likely to succeed in losing weight!12 Studies even show that… as long as you think you are overweight… then THAT will be your reality.13 Your self-image has a LOT to do with how you see your physical body. 14 15 In other words… you are what you think! Remember this: If you’re going to change your weight, you need to reprogram what you think about yourself. And that’s what I’m here to help you do. Plus there are other ways your brain gets in the way of lasting transformation, because… Your brain has a mind of its own when it comes to fat and body weight! “Body weight is regulated by the brain,” says Stephan Guyenet, PhD, author of The Hungry Brain. That’s why, when your body starts losing weight, your brain is going to pick a major fight with your body about making any weight loss permanent. 16 You see… Your brain actually likes the status quo. 17 “This is at the heart of why diets don’t work,” says Sandra Aamodt, PhD, author of Why Diets Make Us Fat. “Whenever your weight changes too much, your brain will intervene to push it back to what it thinks is the correct weight for you. And you might not prefer the same weight your brain prefers.” 18 How does your brain know you’re losing weight and put on the brakes to stop your weight loss plans? “Your brain measures the amount of body fat you carry using leptin, a hormone that secreted in your bloodstream in proportion to the amount of fat you carry,” says Dr. Guyenet. Higher levels of leptin in your bloodstream mean more fat on your body. Leptin is called “The Hunger Hormone” because if your leptin goes down, like it does any time you lose weight, your body sends a signal to your brain to get you to eat more so it can keep your body fat at the same level. “Everyone has a certain level of body fat that their bodies are happiest at,” says Dr. Guyenet. “Your brain will defend this amount just like it defends your body temperature. So as you lose weight, that’s where the trouble starts… because a signal gets sent to your brain to help you fight to bring that fat back. Of course, that’s the exact opposite effect that you’re going for. But it’s hard to beat out biology.” 19 The key is to not only release those beliefs that are holding you back from weight loss, but also to outsmart your mind’s grip on your weight… and that’s what I’m here to help you do. When you understand how big of a role your mind plays in your transformation, it can be much easier to lose weight – both physical and emotional weight.20 It’s that simple. And what I’ve seen with hundreds of thousands of women just like you… is that you can see profound results this lasting transformation only takes 30 days*… You’re Invited To The 30 Day Challenge! To help you transform into a healthy lifestyle that you love to live The 30 Day Challenge is YOUR TIME to let go of all that isn’t serving you. It’s a program that gives you the structure and support for an entire month to focus on YOU… Not just your body, but your mind and emotions too. I’m here to help The Whole You. I chose 30 days because it’s proven to be the ideal length of time it takes for people to solidify real, lasting change, which is exactly what the 30 Day Challenge is designed to do. During the challenge, you’ll learn what is actually holding you back from your weight loss goals, which has very little to do with diet or exercise. I know that might sound crazy, but getting to the core reason why you don’t have the body you want – even after all your hard work and attempts at losing weight – is EXACTLY why the 30-Day Challenge is so effective! Be honest… do you ever look in the mirror and think you aren’t skinny enough, or good enough in any way? I ask because here’s my promise to you: I will help you go inside your head and make you BELIEVE in yourself. And from then on releasing and keeping weight off can be more achievable 🙂 21 In fact, my team surveyed 1,564 women asking if they’d share how much weight they lost on the 30 Day Challenge. We see time and time again that our AVERAGE woman drops 11 pounds and 6.3 inches, in just one month! *Past participants lost an average of 11 pounds, 6 inches. See full disclaimer below. There will be no calorie counting or weighing yourself. That’s right… you can put your scale away – hallelujah! My hope for you is that your scale no longer dictates your success. The way you feel in your own skin and the energy you have is the new measure of success! Like Elmaret Fourie, who jumped into the 30 Day Challenge with all her heart after she told me… “I don’t want to live the next 40 years like I lived the last 40 years” Elmaret was a woman who desperately needed this healing approach to life, and now LOOK at her today!!! WHY Does This System Work So Well, And Last A Lifetime, When Others Fail? The #1 focus and reason this works is the lifelong learning to Love Yourself Lean. It’s a sustainable way of living… where you love your body with healing foods, healing movements, and healthy meditations. Remember, this isn’t just another diet… this is a lifestyle change. This loving, healing approach lifestyle works over a lifetime for many important reasons: A lifestyle shift that works, quickly and deliciously* – You’ll create a new life of delicious healing foods, 15-minute healing exercises, and healing meditations, PLUS guidance and support. It’s truly a no-fail program when you simply follow along. And that’s easy because… You’ll FEEL AMAZING, so you’ll stick with it* – Since this is a loving, “Whole You” healing approach, you’ll actually feel so good that you’ll want to stick with this lifestyle. It’s designed to give you results that last because I know for sure… if you suffer or deprive yourself, of course you’re not going to stick with it. You’ll feel the love and support of a sisterhood* – This is a place where you can be raw and real. There’s no judgement, only love and understanding. Together, you and the other women who become your sisters on this journey, will have each others back and help each other cross over the finish line. There won’t be any confusion about how to succeed because the program is… Clearly and thoroughly structured* – The meal plans, movement routines, and meditations are so clearly and thoroughly structured, there’s never any guesswork. And if you do have questions, we’ll be right there for you to ask anything 24/7. This makes getting through each step, and each day, very easy and doable. That’s good because… You won’t get overwhelmed or clobbered with too much information* – The entire program is not only very doable, but is perfectly paced and flexible, even for the busiest woman. Each week you’ll get exactly what you need to do and eat for just that week. That way, you don’t get stressed because I’m giving you the “baby steps” one day at a time, for 30 days. Starts with a gentle yet complete detox* – The first 3 days of the 30 Day Challenge are designed to thoroughly detox every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. That way, you’ll get a true reboot and a clean slate to start building back up your health. Move your body in healing ways* – You’ll never regret moving your body in the healing ways you’ll learn here, especially as you feel emotions release. You’ll feel shifts in your mood, your energy level, your sleep, your attitude, your life. Movement modifications include easy, moderate, and expert levels, so no matter where you’re at, you can succeed. Gets to the real you* – This is the #1 reason you’ll see quick results that stick, and it’s also why other programs have failed you. We’re getting in and reprogramming the relationship you have with food, with yourself, and others. A sustainable lifestyle for everyday life* – I will never ask you to eat boring or bland “rabbit” food… or torture your body with grueling workouts… or any of the other (work and starve your buns off with no results) nonsense most programs put you through. The proof will show very quickly when you look at the mirror and see your clothes starting to fall off… …plus your eyes sparkling bright, your skin’s radiance, and the smile you can’t hold back because you’re so full of loving thoughts and positive energy! Just follow along, and at the end of 30 days, I promise, you’ll be blown away at how far you’ve come, and the person you’ve become. And when you KEEP this lifestyle going for yourself, well, the transformation is limitless. Like Kristin experienced on the 30 Day Challenge… When Kristin found me, she was in a very low place. She wasn’t taking care of herself. Her blood sugar was erratic, and her hormones were terribly imbalanced. She was eating unhealthy foods… she was out of shape… was super tired all the time… had foggy brain, trouble focusing, and she wasn’t exercising. She just didn’t have that “childlike” energy and happiness after she had to feel her way through a family tragedy. Thankfully, like a lotus flower appearing right in the middle of her own “muck”… Kristin became so desperate to get out of this hamster wheel of pain, that she signed up for the 30 Day Challenge and dove all in… And now look at her! With an emotional clean slate and 2 dress sizes lighter, she wrote in and sent these pictures below… “By Day 5 I felt AMAZING! It was like an elephant had been lifted off my body. My physical body and my emotional body was lighter, happier, and I felt so much better. My life is forever changed because of you Danette May! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Kristin Zako You can see the pain on Kristin’s face in the BEFORE picture on the left, and how much happier, stronger, and “light” she is in her AFTER picture on the right… There are thousands more happy stories like this… and they all came out of the 30 Day Challenge. Oh, and by the way… This is a place where you’ll never be alone on the journey back to yourself… The 30 Day Challenge comes with a built-in community of thousands of women who will be on this journey with you. These are your sisters… a unique group of women who share your pain and your dreams… and who all share the same desire to become the person each of us is truly meant to be. No matter where you live, where you’ll meet so many sisters who have your back… and so many mentors who’ve been there before you and will be there for you now, night and day, all 30 days. The support you’ll receive and the friendships you’ll develop in our community is priceless. This support makes all the difference in your success and the experience you’ll have throughout this 30-day personal journey. My goal is to make this the best personal journey you’ll ever experience. Of course I’ll be with you too… giving you the loving support you need to succeed, because it’s true that it’s easier to succeed when you’re not feeling alone. The absolute BEST way I’ve found to heal, reprogram and gently restore “The Whole You” is with: Healing foods… Healing movements… And healing meditations! Let’s start with the power of healing foods… Healing Foods Renew Your Body AND Your Emotions Nothing is more powerful than healing foods… especially when you eat the most powerful superfoods on the planet! Certain superfoods have the power to change your life at a cellular level – body, mind, and emotions. On the 30 Day Challenge, you’ll almost constantly be eating the most nutritious superfoods and healing elixirs, so you’ll never feel hungry or deprived. So you see this really isn’t a “diet” because you’ll be eating 5-6 times a day. When combined in a very specific way, and eaten in a certain sequence and time of day… these healing superfoods have the power to completely cleanse, deeply nourish, totally re-energize, and rebalance your entire system… …cleaning out and resetting your cells, organs, and even your emotions – without depriving you. The healing foods are going to have a different effect on your emotions. You can expect to feel a lot of your emotional turmoil getting cleared out too, especially in the first 3 days of the 30 Day Challenge that is designed to fully detox your entire body. And since this happens at the cellular level, the healing is long-lasting. Not only will the healing foods clean out and re-balance your body, and restore hormonal balance… The detox and continued healthy eating will also make you look at your life differently! Trust me… anyone who does the 30 Day Challenge experiences this… whether they recognize it or not. It will only take a few days for your brain to start changing… Your cravings to disappear… Your taste buds to start preferring healthy food… And your body to start looking and feeling better everywhere – inside and out. And if you “fall off the wagon” for a day or even weeks, the 30 Days Challenge will have taught you how to turn your stumbling blocks into your next stepping stones… so you always feel like you’re going forwards instead of backwards. It’s simply a matter of learning to love yourself and the rest will follow. Every day you put healing foods into your body, you change at the cellular level Healing foods work very quickly transform every cell, tissue, organ in your body into prime health mode. It’s just like the dramatic changes we see the second a person stops smoking. Within minutes after that last cigarette, the body begins to heal the damage and restore all systems back to normal. It’s the same when you stop eating unhealthy food… The minute you stop putting unhealthy food into your mouth, your body will start to heal, and all systems will start to work as they should. Eating healthy, healing foods will give your body the vital energy and nutrients it needs to thrive and grow. In the absence of all the sugar, chemicals, and artificial substances from junk food, all systems and tissues down to the very last cell will start to detox, rebalance, and function normally, including your body’s natural ability to manage your weight. All you need to do is create a “pro-health” environment inside your body, and you will start to thrive and feel better. That’s why, even by the very first week or two of eating healing foods, you’ll start see the light at the end of your tunnel… as your metabolism, your shape, your skin, your eyes, your energy levels… are starting to quickly and naturally transform. And when you eat the absolute healthiest, most nutrition-packed foods on the planet like you do during the 30 Day Challenge… this healing and restoration happens at warp speed.* And guess what?! The healing foods you’ll be eating are so delicious, I call them “Nature’s Candy” The whole foods you eat during the 30 Day Challenge taste so good, it’s like eating “Nature’s Candy.” What could be more delicious than… And remember: Science shows that the thoughts you put into your mind are even more important than the foods into your mouth.22 Healing Meditations: Your mindset is the key to real, lasting change, especially for managing your weight 23 Your mindset is the key to real, lasting change, including the ability to manage your weight.24 That’s why, each day during the 30 Day Challenge, I’ll guide you through a short but powerful healing meditation to help to release and “reprogram” your mindset and emotions. During these short healing meditations, I’ll be helping you reprogram the negative thoughts and beliefs that aren’t serving you anymore into healthy ones that define and guide “The New You.” All you need to do is sit back, relax and listen to one meditation each day. Don’t beat yourself up for having negative thoughts and beliefs for years, or maybe over your entire life… It’s human nature to tell ourselves “stories” based on experiences from your past, especially when they hurt or disappoint you. It’s a coping mechanism, often unconscious. Your stories can create painful emotions such as anger, resentment, bitterness, sadness, anxiety, and disappointment, just to name a few. However… through a few simple changes in how you process your past, present and future experiences, you can forgive yourself, and those who are part of your stories. You can reprogram how you think about your world, to see the person you really are, and grow into all that you want to become. My goal is to start the process of setting you free from the hard emotions that so many people often battle. The more you listen to these healing meditations, the more you’ll visualize and accept the new positive, self-love thoughts as part of who you are. With time, your reprogrammed mindset and new stories… become your new reality. You might not believe what you hear when you first start listening to these healing meditations but that’s ok… Your subconscious mind will still take in what you’re hearing and the new ideas you’re visualizing as you listen. With repetition, they become part of your new belief system that will then drive your daily thoughts and emotions. 25 26 And finally, the third part of the 30 Day Challenge is… Quick Healing Movements That Feel So Good, You Stick With Them And Watch Your Body Change We’ve always been told that to have a sexy, shapely body, you have to practically kill yourself in the gym. Now we know that’s simply not true! Today you can do very specific, yet powerful healing movements, that give you incredible, noticeable results… without having to endure long, hard workouts. I’ve developed each exercise to be highly targeted so they’re effective, quick, easy and best of all… FUN! Each day during the 30 Day Challenge, you’ll get a quick 15-minute movement plan. Each one is different so you don’t get bored and we target different areas. You can do these exercises first thing in the morning and you’re done for the day, or later whenever it’s convenient. The point is, finally exercise doesn’t have to dictate your day or take so much of your time. And you know how key that is when you’re a busy woman! You can do these exercises anywhere… in your living room, your bedroom, even your kitchen! Plus each workout has ‘modifications’ so you can easily follow along and confidently finish all of the movements, no matter your level of fitness or experience. These short bursts of exercise have shown to reduce appetite, lower blood glucose levels, increase your fat burning hormones, elongate and shape your muscles, calm and recenter your mind and emotions, and promote maximum health and beauty* 27 28 29 … … and they’re FUN as heck! In fact, ya kinda get addicted to them! This kind of exercise won’t deplete you. It doesn’t “beat you up.” It’s only when you feel so good about what you’re doing that you’ll WANT to stick with it… even look forward to it… And you know what my friend…? This is when the MAGIC happens for you… When you do these 15-minute exercises every day, what you’ll see in 30 days isn’t just quick weight loss… You’ll watch as your body starts to change… sexy curves start to show, your core starts to get stronger, and you start to look at yourself with more satisfaction.30 Women who finish the 30 Day Challenge will typically lose several inches off their hips, thighs, stomach, arms, face and neck – wherever there’s excess weight!* Each day your body will feel firmer, tighter, and stronger. You’ll walk taller, feel more energetic, and carry yourself better.* This exercise will help you feel calmer, less stressed, and make it easier to get through your day and deal with things that pop up.* 31 And it’s not just me saying this… Harvard Health will tell you this too! “As your waistline shrinks and your strength and stamina increase, your self-image will improve. You’ll earn a sense of mastery and control, of pride and self-confidence. Your renewed vigor and energy will help you succeed in many tasks, and the discipline of regular exercise will help you achieve other important lifestyle goals.” 32 I promise you this: If you keep doing these short, enjoyable, targeted exercises, your future look like YOU smiling in the mirror at the tone, beautifully shaped body you always wanted.* What’s the alternative? I can teach you how to love yourself lean. It doesn’t take long (just 30 days) and I promise it’s not that hard… What’s hard is feeling sick all the time… What’s hard is not having enough energy… What’s sad is living in a body you don’t love… What’s heartbreaking is not having good relationships… What’s disappointing is knowing that other people are going out to do something and not feeling “up to” joining in, for whatever reason that day… What’s depriving is when you don’t want to put on a swimsuit to go swimming or snorkel and feel that freedom of your bare skin in the water and the sunshine… and your God-given right to frolic and play… In the 30 Day Challenge, the healing meditations you’ll listen to each day will help to reprogram the thoughts and emotions behind feelings of fear, bitterness, and inadequacy. Over time these healing meditations help you get really truthful with yourself, and slowly pull you out of your life’s “muck” – revealing all the lovely “lotus” experiences that life has to offer – even as your muck in life continues! The definition of lotus I’m talking about is “dreamy contentment.” It’s this high level of happiness I want to give you the tools to create for yourself. What have you got to lose? It’s just a fact that if you don’t try something different, you can’t expect different results. And doing the same thing over and over – like going on restrictive diets – and expecting different results, well, that’s just crazy. Here’s a fun fact… Albert Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” If you want different results, you have to try a different approach. The things you did yesterday have brought you to the life you have today. If you want something different, you have to do something different today to create a different life tomorrow. There’s no other way to get there. So I ask you… by trying this lifestyle that’s PROVEN on hundreds of thousands of women just like you… …where you eat, think, and move in a loving, healing, healthy way and never feel deprived… What on earth do you have to lose?! Especially when the women who’ve gone before you in the 30 Day Challenge come out of it feeling so incredibly happy and excited with their new life. Like Kim did in just 30 days and you can too… “I lost 11 pounds but I gained SO MUCH MORE! This program is what I was searching for my entire life! Mind, body, and soul are nurtured and loved! I used to have an awful relationship with my body until I did this. Now I’m watching myself sculpt the beautiful, strong, lean woman that I am. This is THE BEST personal journey I have ever been on!” * – Kim Micklos In fact I see a lot of women signing up for ANOTHER 30 Day Challenge because they loved the food so much! They loved knowing exactly what to eat, how much to eat, and that everything they ate was getting them closer to the body and health they’ve always wanted. And they loved the sisters they met and got close to during the 30 Day Challenge, and so they signed up for another Challenge so they could meet even more new friends who support their new life. How great is THAT?! So you see… this isn’t like “a diet” at all! It’s a new life! Today’s the day you turn your “Why” into reality… Today is a new day. Today is a powerful day. It’s the day you get to release all your judgment from yourself and others. You truly can create the life you want, and have a body you not only love, but are proud of. 30 days from now, you could show yourself what you’re capable of, especially when you have the guidance and support you need to make this happen for yourself. However… I want you to think about your WHY. Why do you want to change? What is it that hurts you most or makes you feel the worst, and WHY do you want to change that? Because your why matters. It’s going to drive you through the times things may get hard. This program will teach you how to get through the hard times – whether it’s trying to deal with difficult thoughts or emotions, or feeling like you want to give up. This time you won’t, because you’ll have everything you need to succeed, and you will have learned how to sustain your big change… but your “Why” will carry your success long after the 30 Day Challenge is over. Now is YOUR TIME to Love Yourself Lean, with healing foods, healing movements, and a healing mindset… The 30 Day Challenge Is The Launch Pad To The Rest Of Your Life… And A Brighter, Healthier Future! All you have to do is follow this simple plan below and commit for 30 days. Each day you’ll see and feel incredible shifts that will soon add up to a brand new healthy lifestyle. And you will have learned how to sustain this change for the rest of your life. Learn to Love Yourself Lean with… Weekly Healing Meal Plans Every week I’ll email you 7 days worth of healing food menus that support optimal health. By the end of 30 days, you’ll have 4 full weeks of delicious, healing meals plans. Plus you’re going to learn how to cook healthy so you can continue to supercharge your health and beauty. Get prepared to be satisfied! You’re going to EAT A LOT OF FOOD that your body naturally craves. According to Dr. Michael Gregor, M.D., Fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, “Within a few weeks of eating healthier, your taste sensations change such that foods with lower salt, sugar, and fat content actually taste better.”33 That means, with each passing day on the 30-Day Challenge, your taste buds will change a little bit more… until you lose the cravings for unhealthy food.* No starving allowed here! And get this… you’ll even get to eat chocolate! And because we’re all busy and not everyone likes or can’t eat the same foods… each meal plan is flexible. Plus you’ll get my popular “meal swap” list that make every meal… a meal you like. Weekly Healing Movement Routines Each week for 30 days you’ll get new movement routines that are designed to quickly shape and tone your body and in a loving way… instead of beating yourself up at a gym. Each day you’ll spend about 15 minutes moving in the comfort of your own home. I just know these movements will make you FEEL SO GOOD, you’ll want to keep exercising, which is critical for lifelong health and wellness! Weekly Healing Meditations Each week for 30 days you’ll get a 5-minute meditation that will relax and calm your mind as it helps reprogram negative, self-defeating thoughts that are literally weighing you down – physically, mentally, and emotionally. You’ll discover the science behind how these healing thoughts alone can completely change your life. Plus, you get 2 free bonus coaching sessions from me Bonus Coaching Session #1: Maximizing Your First Week In this video, which I’ll send to you at the beginning of your first week, I’ll show you how to get the BEST results in your first week, overcome any challenges you’re facing (either physically or mentally), and achieve results you never thought possible. I’m creating this unique bonus as a way to help you move past one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to not just releasing holiday weight and starting the New Year off right, but BREAKING the beliefs, thought patterns, and habits that cause rebound weight gain! Bonus Coaching Session #2: Keeping And Improving Your Results After The Challenge You’ll get amazing results during this challenge, but I want you to KEEP and IMPROVE those results even after the challenge is over! In this coaching video I’ll show you how to continue living this new, healthy lifestyle even after the challenge is over. Plus I’ll show you how to bring your motivation back to life anytime you need to, so you can enjoy your healthy, energetic, fit body for a lifetime! Remember… This program is designed to show you how to live a healthy lifestyle, that’s easily sustainable over a lifetime. It’s my #1 goal to help you not only look better, but feel better every single day. In fact I can almost promise you that once you start, you’ll feel better and better with each passing day – until you look and feel better than you ever have! I Want To Make This An Absolute No-Brainer Decision So You Can Get Started Today! I want you to say YES to a healthier, brighter future and sign up RIGHT NOW for the 30 Day Challenge, so I’m going to make this decision easy and painless. I want to help you make your life healthier, feel more supported, and relish in the pride that comes with finishing the 30 Day Challenge. That’s why the cost of the 30 Day Challenge has been kept so low (only $47) and comes with a 100% RISK FREE Guarantee! That’s right… you not only have to feel better and healthier after completing the 30 Day Challenge, but also you must feel that you MET YOUR GOALS, or IT’S FREE! Are you ready to get started? Please say YES! I am beyond excited to start this journey with YOU! I promise you won’t regret the decision to focus on YOU, and to invest in creating a healthier, brighter future. Just click the YES I’M READY button below and watch your email for Your Week 1 Instructions. Then, every week for 4 weeks, I’ll email you exactly what to eat, how to move, and meditations that will heal and reprogram your entire thought process. Click The “Yes I’m Ready” Button To Join The 30 Day Challenge For Only $47 10 days 16 hours 48 minutes 5 seconds Is 30 days too much to ask for? Go ahead. Give yourself the gift of 30 days. The next 30 days could be huge for you. And if you’re not happy with the outcome, you have my money back guarantee. Maybe you don’t think you lost enough weight… or you feel like you still aren’t sure how to lead a healthy lifestyle… If you’re disappointed in any way with your results, I’ll give you a full refund. You never know what kind of life could be waiting for you unless you try something DIFFERENT. I promise this program will be unlike anything else you’ve tried. Click the register button to get started. * For maximum results, combine this program with a healthy diet and regular exercise to help manage weight and avoid storing body fat. Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Testimonials, case studies, and examples found on this page are results that have been forwarded to us by users of Mindful Health, LLC products and related products, and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, may not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.


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