My first I am Committed Booty Exercise

Man I was sweating like a pig flopping around in a mud hole after this exercise. The grandbabies did it with me. Let’s say they are more in shape then I am lol. Just FYI if you have a problem with knees some of the jumps might bother them. Might want to do just a few rest and then do some more. Yep I look like I been through the ringer 😂💪🏻🦵


#mybootychallenge @thedanettemay- Instagram

This was similar to what I did. It didn’t have the squat and jump exercise but I’m telling you it was a good hard work out

Here is my story. I work full time as a LPN at a family practice. At nights I write. I have 9 books out. I don’t watch much tv . I love to cook and do crafts.

Well getting late got to work in am I hope everyone has a good night .

6 thoughts on “My first I am Committed Booty Exercise

  1. For me, it’s my hips. Touch of arthritis, I guess. Even one of my DILs grew concerned and emailed me about it (after I FaceTimed with the whole family, yesterday. Maybe I can pull up some music like I used to do when I walked Russet. N. Georgia is so cotton-pickin’ hilly that hips and back start screaming before long!


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