Misplaced by Jordan Leger

I finished this book in two days. I loved this book but hated this book. The characters was so real. I wanted to slap the family Cambria got placed with. This book has a lot of triggers of rape and abuse. Just a Warning for those who cant take it. But I loved it all. I could not put this book down. I did want to slap the author cause of the Cliffhanger. Leaving me hanging like that.

Have you ever wished your life could be different? Do you wish that it could have more meaning, more direction? Do you wish that your thoughts could be more than just thoughts? Feelings could be more than just love and hate and pain? Do you ever think of death coming into your life and turning it upside down? Have you ever felt so close to the edge that you weren’t sure if you could pull yourself back from the darkness within? Have you ever loved someone so much it felt like they changed you somehow? These are all question at seventeen years old I asked myself every day. Through all the pain, loss, and love that someone can feel over a seventeen-year span. All of these feelings for so long really does make me wonder… how much is too much? How can I go on? Do I even want to? My name is Cambrea Breaux, and this is my story. My mom couldn’t care for me. My father was a worthless drunk. Where do kids like me go when we have no place? The system. or IYAS. My teenage years were supposed to be spent hanging with my friends, going out, falling in love and getting my heart broken, right? Well, that was far from what my teenage years were like. For nearly two years I was made to do things. Things that my guardian knew better than to have me do. But he did it anyway. I saw no way out of the situation I was in, but to deal with it until I was eighteen, and free. I couldn’t wait to be on my own and away from the Traces. And when I thought…. well, I met “him.” Everette Henston. The guy that made life worth living again. Everette- I had my whole world in my lap just then. I was flying high. Higher than ever before. I don’t know how or why Camie stumbled into my life, when she did, albeit, I don’t regret the first day she fell at my feet. I didn’t feel anything for her then. I still told myself that load of crap. I was only going to help her out of the situation she was in. Loving her was not part of the equation. She needed too much. Feared too much. Then she loved me more than I could handle. I fell in love for the very first time with the most fascinating person I had ever met. Then “they” came for her and Camie’s life flipped once more. *Trigger Warning: Misplaced is intended for ages 18+ only This book contains explicit scenes. Also some violence, and child abuse that may be upsetting to some readers.

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