Why Mother’s Day is a day I no longer look forward too

What Mother’s Day is no longer a day I look forward to.

By Lynn Hammond

I always look forward to Mother’s Day.

What did my kids make me?

Where would they take me

Ooh I got to call my mom and grandmas to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day

Well on May 11 2013 that day forever changed my happiness

Why do you ask?

A daughter who loved her dad unconditionally hugged him for the last time

The last smart remark ever made was said by him that day

The last phone call “Jennifer Lynn what you want?”

The last time I told him I loved him

I still don’t understand what happen that day when you rode off on your motorcycle

Were you hurting?

What made you swerve and hit the ditch?

Its been 7 years and I still ask these questions

Every night I say my prayers I make sure I tell God to tell you I love you and I miss you so much.

Do you know I still don’t put up with no one shit?

You know why?

Even though you are not here I remember you telling me not to take shit from people

To answer your question ‘Yes I still get called a Bitch’ That will never change

But I do love with all my heart and would help anyone

Yes, I still talk to my crazy sisters

We all have our own way handling the pain since you been gone

I hope God really needed you more since he took you away

You A free Bird now, so fly High Daddy

Love you Always Dad

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