Beast of Eden by Lexi Post– Review

Boy if you have never read any of Lexi’s book you need too.

Beast of Eden (Eden Series: Tolba Book 1) by [Post, Lexi]

Can anyone control the Beast?
The Woman – Xavia Jones, a zoologist with a focus on evolution is only on planet Eden for two days before one of her Edenists is exiled from his city. Furious over the injustice of his banishment, she stows away with him. But once outside the walls of Tolba, in a jungle filled with criminals and a beast she could never have imagined, she’s having second thoughts.

The Man – Lyka feels the weight of responsibility for Xavia’s safety and despite believing she’d be better back in the city with the brothers of his heart, he’s honored that she’s with him. Now he just has to convince his old friend and long-time exile, Davos, that keeping her with them is best for everyone. As far as he’s concerned, only the beast can protect her.

The Beast – Davos blames himself for every Kindred of Eden being exiled from Tolba. It was his lack of control over the Beast that caused the city to distrust his Kindred. Now he must ensure they all survive in his jungle home. It is a hard life for a man and no place for a woman. A woman will cause disruption and chaos. A woman will release the Beast.


Lexi knows how much the I love the Eden series and when I saw this was coming out boy I did a boogie dance. Lexi was the first Paranormal book I read and I was hooked from the start. Xavia is a lot like me has to stay busy and loves the outside. Boy she had her hands full with Davos. He was so hard headed and guarded I didn’t think she would be able to break the ice in his heart but she sure swoon him. Now Lyka he stole my heart right away. He was such a big teddy bear and he was always making sure Xavia needs was met.

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