Purity: Erotic Romance Book 4 by Jordan Leger


Purity: Erotic Romance Book 4 (Intuition  Series) by [Leger, Jordan]Reagan~

A collar.
A ring.
A baby.

Until I stepped into his world.

I said yes to Maddox. I loved the man so much. The wedding came and our son would soon be here.

Yet, there’s a problem. He had been staying late at the office. So he said he was at the office.

One night, I find out what my husband was really up to.

Nothing like seeing the man you love flog a woman–that’s not you.

His secret is out.

I had a decision to make, for me, and my baby.

Do I Stay with my husband? Or do I walk away from our marriage?

MY review:

LOVE some Mattox. He can flog me any day. Reagan been through he’ll being kidnapped by a guy she trusted. She didn’t think she needs the man she left but he was the one who can save her and helped her recover from the nightmare.

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