A little Night Cap read

Romance / Suspense / Trilogy
Mia was not surprised to find herself crawling out of a lake in the middle of the night. She’d been sleepwalking a lot lately, and although it just started, she’s by no means a stranger to new things.

It’s been four months since Mia woke up with no memory—no recollection of any of the twenty-four years of her life. She doesn’t remember getting married, or even moving to the small town of Cooper Creek. But what bothers her the most is not knowing why she keeps having the same recurring nightmare about the Chinese tattoo on her ring finger.

When Mia discovers how to trigger back her memories, she’s taken aback by the fact that her past does not match her current life. When Mia experiences a trigger so intense that she has a seizure, she learns that any further triggers could cause permanent damage to her brain.

On the edge of her doubts, will she risk her mental stability to find out the truth about her past?



My Review: The second book is free two I had to go ahead and get it so I can find out what happen Next.

Keeps you guessing
Right off I was hooked. The character wake up not knowing she as married. She keeps having nightmares that seem so real. Little hints keep coming forward but then it ends. Cliffhanger now to book 2

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