Who likes a little Country Romance

Victoria Price likes nothing more than to be in her deer stand, hunting for her next trophy hunt. She is only in her twenties and owns her own hunting show. Everything is great except her next-door neighbor has been an asshole since his wife died. He blames Victoria and her love of the outdoors for the tragedy.

Keith Thomas has spent two years hating his neighbor. Without her, Holly would never have wanted to go hunting, and she would still be alive. And now, with another season about to start, Victoria in her hunting gear will be taunting him every day.

Or enticing him?

One dangerous act will force these two together, but nothing good can come of this. Or can it?

Loveless Arrow coming soon. I love to write it helps me unwind and let things off my chest. My husband and daughters love to hunt. Me not so much. After finding out I had to use leaves for toilet paper I refuse to go again. 

I decided to write A country romance, comedy, and suspense Huntress book. If you want a little different read this will be right up your alley.

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