Book Review: Crushed: Blood Bayou Romance Saga Book 1

Crushed: Blood Bayou Romance Saga Book 1 by [Leger, Jordan]Crushed is 1 of 6 books in the Blood Bayou Saga. With each book that follows you may encounter cliffhangers, which aren’t a bad thing, just lets ya know there’s more to come.

A glimpse into the Blood Bayou Romance Saga

This story takes place in a small town in Louisiana. Ever had a high school crush? Remember what that felt like? Piper did. Then her crush broke her heart. Piper at age sixteen had enough to deal with and to make matters worse, there’s a killer going around dumping bodies in the local bayou resembling her that can’t be caught.

Emeric- the arrogant eighteen year old jock. Piper’s crush, was destined to leave for college and to leave the town of Kinley behind. Nothing was stopping him–not even the pretty Piper Temple who he thought of constantly.
The problem?
She was too young for him.
He wouldn’t give her the time of day. Or would he.

Wow this book brought me back to high school. I love how the characters came to life. I felt like one of Pipers friends right with her in school. This author really knows how to get your attention. 

About me: I have been writing for two years now. I live in Rock Hill, SC. That a little place about 30 minutes from Charlotte, NC. I started writing just to get my feelings off my chest and keep my mind off losing my father. We all have a reason why we write. Writing is for everyone I believe. I think this world would be a better place if we all could just sit down and jot down the things we feel.

I hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving.

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