October reads


Down Her: A Second Chance Dark Fantasy Romance (Bang Lords Book 2) by [Stowe, Dani]Two. Two crushes…

It was supposed to be easy for Jaxon Underwood: confront the girl you’ve loved your whole life and find out once and for all whether she loves you back.

But getting answers from someone who’s been living in a world of hurt because of one little misunderstanding back in high school isn’t going to be as easy as Jaxon hoped.

How can you force someone to face you when she won’t even look at you though you know, deep in your heart, she loves you, too?

*This is the second book in the Bang Lords series, a contemporary second chance, dark fantasy romance.
**Book 2 includes the Bonus Chapter: Lord of Chemistry

For the open-minded, what happens when a geek turns billionaire?

Take the Bang.

This was a different read and I really enjoyed it.


The Sanctuary (Union Cross Park Series Book 1) by [Leibenguth, Felicia]Silently stalking from the shadows, he spots his prey. Blood lust overtakes him as a predatory growl escapes his lips.

A creature of habit, seclusion, and myth, forced to feed on the humans he grudgingly despises.

His latest victim is shrouded in mystery, bringing intrigue and uncertainty into his otherwise mundane existence, leaving his immortal soul to hang in the balance.

I don’t usually read alot of Paranormal but I liked this one and can’t wait to read the next one. I like to see authors write outside the box. Good read.


I hope everyone has a good night.

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