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Head on over to Lynn Lawler’s blog and check her out. I bet you will find a great tour into her fantastic life.



Jackie is a woman living life according to her own rules. She’s married, but it’s the unspoken, open kind. She can have as many female lovers as she likes; she just can’t talk about them.

After a bizarre encounter turns her world upside down, things slowly begin to change. She finds herself in desperation as she searches for answers. What she discovers is nothing is delivered in a neatly wrapped box.

Now that everything has been brought out into the open, she finds she can’t run away from her truth anymore. With her new life, comes new responsibilities and a different outcome than what she was expecting.

Jackie isn’t alone in the story. She meets several new people who help her along her journey.


Good Afternoon Friends and welcome. Today I am presenting a few teasers for my book, Awakened by Fate. I want to thank everyone who has been part of this. I am grateful for all my readers and for all of the reviews you left. Thank you! I want to thank Suzie Carr for the podbean […]

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