The Chaplain: Sacrifice for Love


Yesterday marked 5 years since my father died. I went ahead and made the book LIVE. I hope everyone loves the Journey these series takes my characters. Bella Media Management

A religious man. A scarred woman. Both have their faith tested. When Chaplain Linkin Garland, receives a phone call to help a woman who was raped, beaten, and stabbed, he can’t help but say “yes.” There is something about her that draws him in. There is a spiritual connection but also a chemistry that he can’t explain. Pain…Fear…Mistrust… Words that sum up Sophia Rhinehart’s life. Having survived a horrific abuse from her military boyfriend who she thought loved her more than life, she needs to learn to live again. With each passing day the nightmares get worse. Sophia wants help but refuses to let anyone in. Until Chaplain Linkin shows up “at her mother’s home.”


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