I had a shared review today that Made my day.

Heidi Lynn’s Reviews > Risky Lies

Risky Lies (Loving Lies Series Book 1) 

Lynn Hammond (Goodreads Author)

Heidi Lynn‘s review

May 01, 2018
really liked it

First, I want to thank Lynn Hammond for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

For a first-time author Lynn Hammond really picked a great book to come out with! I loved Risky Lies part of the Loving Lies Series! Yes, I want to continue the series!! The story-line was fresh-new-never thought of before and made it such a fun read!

Ben was NOT my favorite person in this book for what he put Jamison through!! Nick was not my favorite person either after what he to Mandy!

Lynn had some very relatable and comical moments in this book! I laughed at the scene about the Port-A-Johns! I totally understood where the author was coming from. How Jamison and Mandy were comparing books and which one was better!

I am so thankful for this review. I have friends and family who buys and tells me how much they enjoyed my book but when a stranger tells me she loved it. My heart grew bigger.

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