Did you Know

This I wrote a year ago for a Poem contest. I did not win but that’s okay. It was for my Dad. In one month will be 5 years since he left this earth. I miss him more and more. I hope you like this poem.



Did you know on May 11,2013 would be your last day on earth?

Did you know it would be your last time to see your three daughters?

On this day when you pull out of my drive way, would be your last ride.

Did you know I lost myself that day?

Did you know I forgot how to live without you?

Did you know that my heart stopped loving?

Did you know I was angry at you for driving drunk?

Did you know I blame god for taking my daddy?

Did you know I tried to take my own life?

Did you know your daughter quiet her job?

Did you know that on this day that life would change forever?

Did you know I had to take cognitive classes?

Did you know it took seven weeks of class to find ME again?

Did you know I had relearn how to read?

Did you know doctors said I had PTSD?

Did you know on this day you took my life with you?

On this day did you know that you were not my real father.

Did you know that I was not yours?

Did you know my real father died one month after you?

Did you know I have one sister and two brothers?

Did you know my real father knew I was alive and chose not to love me?

Did you know that you will always be my father?

Did you know it takes a real man to raise another man’s child?

Did you know that I forgive god for taken you because he placed you in my life when I took my first breath?

Did you know that I am now taking life back and fighting to move on?

Did you know I decided to become author?

Did you know you have a new great grandbaby?

Did you know I have not been to your grave?

Did you know I will love you until I take my last breath?



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