Library Visit for the First time as a Author

IMG_1080-booSo I decided to go to my hometown used bookstore. I just wanted to see if they would let me do a book signing or give him some of my books to place on the shelf for FREE. I was told the books needs to be put with Ingram off of Create Space. You think that would be told to you when you download your books there but anyway I said okay I’ll do that. He just stares at me. OKAY. Then he speaks telling me that everyone can write but doesn’t mean someone will buy it. I am blown away with by the negativity here. I mean I am handing you books for free that you will just stick a priceĀ  on a sticker, slap it on the back and you make the money. I told him I am not asking for any money here I just want someone to grab my book off the shelf and be like ‘Hey she from here. Let’s try it out.”

Anyway I left my books there but frustrated because he doesn’t allow authors do sign-in’s anymore because all we do is sit at a table and stare at them. So that was my experience for the day…

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