The reason I became an Author

21761605_130005297737006_7779444975676301280_nI have found out some people get down right ugly about the author world. I am not perfect by no means but if I put something on my social media and it was said incorrectly just private message me and say, ” Hey chic this is the truth about this.. not what you put.” I would go edit it right away. We are all not perfect writers. That’s why we hire other people to make our book THE BOMB!! I CALL IT THAT .

I started writing over a year ago when several of my author friends talk me into trying it. It really helps with stress and my depression. If you read about me on my main face book page you will know my dad was killed leaving my house. Not even a half a mile down the road he hit a ditch got thrown off his motorcycle and split his head wide open. When my husband came back and told me my Dad was dead I went numb.

Working in the medical field you see patients everyday coming in about a lost love one. I really never could connect to them on how it felt. I mean I have lost a grandpa, a grandmother, and a friend but losing your dad is a different story. I fought the major depression disorder . I finally after two years went back to work and now writing books. They are not perfect and surely not  Sylvia Day (yes love her lol) but I splash a little of my life in each book. It is kind of my journal.

My goal in life is to help everyone who visits the doctor’s office with kindness, my southern charm, and to talk if they lost a love one. When you are that depressed you do not think you will ever recover but you can one day at a time. I hope everyone likes my story on why I write and if anyone ever needs to talk other then book stuff. You can message me or email me and I will be there.

Have a bless warm day.

Lynn Hammond

5 thoughts on “The reason I became an Author

  1. Lynn, I have a similar “Why I became an author” story of dealing with loss and depression. ❤ I'm so sorry for your loss and I'm thankful that you're winning the battle.


  2. I love you. I love who you are.
    May God provide an everlasting peace only he can provide. May you find a healing through your writing. I love you. ❤️


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