Urban Fantasy

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Contrition is almost here!

Check out the cover of this suspenseful Urban Fantasy

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In the end, everyone must pay for their sins.

Trial after trial, Nevaeh’s loved-ones have struggled to save her from a dark destiny. The time has finally come for her to return home and join the Earth-bound angels in a war threatening to destroy the Human race.

Is it really Nev who’s walking the Earthly plane, though?

True, being surrounded by evil for weeks on end would change anyone, but Nev’s friends suspect something is wrong with the Nevaeh they’ve extracted from Hell’s grip.

Archard, Arkin, Maggie, and Malach prepare to fight the impending apocalypse brought on by the rebellious Dominions, while trying to accept the new Nevaeh and help her gain control over her powers.

Will Nevaeh be able to save the world, or will she make everyone pay with their lives?

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